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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Faculty Meeting

Meeting objectives

Changes to
Evidence page:

  1. Added links to curricula
  2. Added instructions for submitting digital evidence

Step-by-step instructions for submitting digital evidence

Created a spreadsheet for "what to look for" for each indicator. Each standard has it's own tab - navigate trough the standards by clicking on tabs.
Added that spreadsheet to each standard page on the website

  • If you need help arranging meetings with central office/other stakeholders, please complete this form.
  • Community Liaisons list is up, but not final. Feel free to convey concerns and/or tweak. We will send the final letter out on May 24, 2012. Please review by then. 
  • Next meeting, we wil hear about collaboration, healthy living, respect and communication rubric pilots.
  • Endicott Survey - special thanks to English Department
Today's work:
  • Look for the gaps in evidence collection. What are we missing?  Using the evidence spreadsheet, record existing evidence (if not already done) to identify gaps by indicator and department. 
  • Where to report for committee work this afternoon. COWS are available.

CommitteeRoomAssigned Laptops
Steering 211 or 212English COW A
Core Values, Beliefs…230Math COW A
Curriculum206Math COW A
Instruction204/205DMath COW B
Assessment218Math COW B
School Culture and Leadership210English COW A
School Resources 224English COW B
Community Resources 223English COW B

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Interestingly, co-writing the “rough daft” for the NEASC report on Assessment, Indicator 4 was easier than I thought it would be because of New Canaan High School’s responsive and collaborative culture. It was amazing to review the many Indicator 4 documents and artifacts. Teachers are integrating NCHS Core Values, Beliefs and Expectations, as well as Partnership for 21st Century Skills (P21).