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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Faculty Meeting

Today's work:

Complete evidence form for the evidence you brought today. Please attach the 21st century learning rubric that was used for assessment. Before you fill out your evidence sheets, be sure to review your copy of the four instructional standards indicators (we distributed copies). 
While all of our work may look like it should be classified as assessment, we have a lot of evidence in that category already. 
Give it a hard look to make sure that it can't go into another category.

Link to evidence page on nchsneasc13 website

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Professional Development Day

Instructions for November 6, 2012

12:30-1:00PM - Steering Committee and Committee Co-Chairs meeting

  • Debrief on feedback from October faculty meeting
  • Determine schedule for approving standards reports
  • Overview of this afternoon’s activities

1:00-3:00PM - NEAS&C work

  • Overview - What do we need to accomplish between now and January, 2013
    • Collect assessments measured by 21st Century learning rubrics (November 15th)
    • Vote on standards reports and executive summaries
      • December meeting report TBD (as per today’s SC/CC meeting)
      • January meeting reports TBD (as per today’s SC/CC meeting)
  • Today’s tasks
    • Finalize drafts of standards reports for full faculty approval
      • Incorporate feedback from October faculty meeting
      • Consider areas of redundancy to reduce pages, if necessary
      • Ensure that each indicator has a judgment statement (always, never, sometimes, occasionally, seldom, often, etc)
    • Check on evidence in the evidence box to ensure all judgements in the reports are substantiated, by indicator
    • If your report is ready, please start writing executive summaries

  • Some Suggestions for process
    • Do not try to edit the report whole-group.  Instead, split up and revise report in small groups as per peer review from 10/18
    • Make it “Ready for Prime Time”

Extension activity (if you have time):
Look for alignment with other reports (now that committee members have each read a different report)

Link to this document

Core values beliefs and learning expectations - December 20th room #110
Curriculum - December 20th room # 206
Instruction - December 20th room # 222
Assessment - December 20th room # 218
Culture and leadership -  December 1st room # 210
School resources - December 1st room # 224
Community resources -  December 1st room # College, and Career Center