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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Professional Development Day

Instructions for November 6, 2012

12:30-1:00PM - Steering Committee and Committee Co-Chairs meeting

  • Debrief on feedback from October faculty meeting
  • Determine schedule for approving standards reports
  • Overview of this afternoon’s activities

1:00-3:00PM - NEAS&C work

  • Overview - What do we need to accomplish between now and January, 2013
    • Collect assessments measured by 21st Century learning rubrics (November 15th)
    • Vote on standards reports and executive summaries
      • December meeting report TBD (as per today’s SC/CC meeting)
      • January meeting reports TBD (as per today’s SC/CC meeting)
  • Today’s tasks
    • Finalize drafts of standards reports for full faculty approval
      • Incorporate feedback from October faculty meeting
      • Consider areas of redundancy to reduce pages, if necessary
      • Ensure that each indicator has a judgment statement (always, never, sometimes, occasionally, seldom, often, etc)
    • Check on evidence in the evidence box to ensure all judgements in the reports are substantiated, by indicator
    • If your report is ready, please start writing executive summaries

  • Some Suggestions for process
    • Do not try to edit the report whole-group.  Instead, split up and revise report in small groups as per peer review from 10/18
    • Make it “Ready for Prime Time”

Extension activity (if you have time):
Look for alignment with other reports (now that committee members have each read a different report)

Link to this document

Core values beliefs and learning expectations - December 20th room #110
Curriculum - December 20th room # 206
Instruction - December 20th room # 222
Assessment - December 20th room # 218
Culture and leadership -  December 1st room # 210
School resources - December 1st room # 224
Community resources -  December 1st room # College, and Career Center

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